“What the GEM team has taught me and the changes GEM brings about are transformative because now I see any issue regarding our project not only with a gender lens, but also focus on the question "why". Before GEM, I focused mainly on the physical and tangible differences between males and females. GEM has taught me to question "why". I know put gender everywhere in my work - at the start of the project, during the implementation of the project and the evaluation of the project and presenting the project.”
-Mudasir Mustafa, Dareecha Project, Center for Research in Urdu Language Processing (CRULP), Pakistan
We are pioneers in gender evaluation in the ICT for development sector.

Senior manager and consultant specialized in gender policy and the use of information and communication technology (ICT).

A Malaysian, Angela believes that evaluation is very similar to being self-reflective. It has to inform us, develop us and so, change us. Angela believes so strongly in GEM that she began promoting it long before she became a staff of APC in March 2007.

Journalist, social communicator and media consultant, researcher and trainer on women and media, gender and ICT issues and policies.

A South African activist who has engaged locally, regionally and globally on the issue of women's right to communicate and access to relevant and accessible information since 1994.