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  • To integrate a focus on gender equality and women’s empowerment in planning an evaluation of information communication technology (ICT) initiatives


  • To develop evaluation objectives that address gender equality, women’s empowerment and ICT for social change
  • To review the context, objectives and plans of a project to highlight gender and ICT issues
  • To establish gender and ICT indicators
  • To identify stakeholders that will participate in the evaluation exercise

Begin by establishing the boundaries of the evaluation process before actually conducting the evaluation. Variables such as evaluation objectives, financial resources and schedule or time span will all intersect in some way and help define the parameters or scope of the evaluation.

Four activities in the initial planning phase must be taken into account:

  • A broad review of the project or a context analysis to define gender and ICT issues that will be addressed in the evaluation
  • The process of formulating the evaluation questions that will be answered by the evaluation
  • Selecting gender and ICT indicators
  • Identifying evaluation stakeholders and the evaluation team