Who we are

Pioneers in gender evaluation in the ICT for development sector

We have a strong focus on building capacity in integrating gender and development in information and communication technology ICT-related and ICT enabled initiatives.

We are committed and experienced gender evaluation practitioners who provide monitoring, evaluation and planning services to organisations to ensure that their efforts are impacting favourably on the lives of girls and women in their communities. We have a strong focus on building capacity in integrating gender and development in ICT-related or ICT-enabled initiatives in developing countries.

As gender evaluation specialists within the Association for Progressive Communications (APC)—the world's oldest online network working for social change and gender equality—we created the Gender Evaluation Methodology which has been used by hundreds of development initiatives around the world since 2002.

We are a multicultural and multilingual team and have built our reputation on:

  1. Integrating gender into project planning
  2. Mentoring, capacity-building and transfer of gender evaluation technical know-how
  3. Effective collaboration with government agencies
  4. Supporting organisational change and network building
  5. Evaluation of information and communication and technology projects particularly ICT for development

We have extensive experience, expertise and established presence in developing countries in Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and in parts of Asia, particularly South Asia, Southeast Asia and East Asia.

GEMworks provides a space for online exploration or off-line perusal of the different GEM resources:

The GEM Practitioners Network is a network of individuals and organisations, who apply GEM and want to learn more about gender & ICT evaluations. To meet, interact and learn from GEM users, go to myGEM