What People Say about GEM

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“What the GEM team has taught me and the changes GEM brings about are transformative because now I see any issue regarding our project not only with a gender lens, but also focus on the question "why". Before GEM, I focused mainly on the physical and tangible differences between males and females. GEM has taught me to question "why". I know put gender everywhere in my work - at the start of the project, during the implementation of the project and the evaluation of the project and presenting the project.” -Mudasir Mustafa, Dareecha Project, Center for Research in Urdu Language Processing (CRULP), Pakistan


"Since using GEM, I've seen a change within myself, in trying to approach the problem from several different angles, and especially to consider gender." – - Sarah Nalwogo Mpagi, Research Coordinator, UgaBYTES, Uganda


“GEM gives us a way to redefine and monitor our impact and short term outcomes and change them as we face new objectives in order to achieve our larger proposal objectives. Gender development is a very broad topic - if you Google "gender development", you will find thousands of articles, but they don't necessarily give you a lens or scope through which to view it, but when you start designing your proposal with the GEM manual, and read it and look at gender empowerment, within GEM you will find that lens. It gives you a particular way of seeing gender issues. If you take the tools that you already have and combine with GEM, you get beautiful outcomes.” – Papy Clement Nkubuzi, Congo


“In the Phillippines, we usually ignore gender issues, but I learned that there really are gender issues in our country, even if they are not as blatant as in other countries. Our GEM survey taught us that men don't use telecentres because they thought they were only for women and so we've been able to address this issue and encourage men to use telecentres.” - Ma Marvin Amatorio, National Computer Centre, Philippines Community e-Centres, Philippines


“What GEM has done is actually formalise the issues for me so I can actually explicitly see them. Before I used to see them but I wasn't actually processing them. Because of GEM I can actually see why things are the way they are and can make some sense of it.” – Huda Sarfraz, Dareecha Project, Center for Research in Urdu Language Processing (CRULP), Pakistan


“I've become critical - it's now a subconscious thing, it's not something that I have to force out of myself and now I look for that balance.” - Francis Mwathi, UgaBYTES, Uganda


“Coming from the background of a women's organisation, I had assumed that GEM would just fit into everything we were doing because our work is about serving women, but for me GEM has been a steep learning curve because we are just beginning to really learn what it means to be gender sensitive and gender aware, even in a women's organisation. Coming from a developing nation like Nigeria where poverty has stricken over 70% and the bulk of these poor are women, gender evaluation becomes a critical tool that helps us see the various dimensions of poverty, going beyond just the economic - going to the health, to the cultural to the social dimensions.” - John Dada, Fantsuam Foundation, Nigeria

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