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ICTs for Social Change

APC WNSP began in the early 1990s and continues to be one of the strongest women’s internet-based networks in the world. Many of its members were the first providers of internet access to women’s groups in their countries.

Learning for Change

Evaluation Model

Gender Analysis

Basic Gender Concepts
    •    What is Gender?
    •    What are Gender Roles?
    •    Practical Gender Needs and Strategic Gender Interests
    •    Gender-transformative Strategies
    •    Works Cited:

Phase 3: Putting Evaluation Results to Work


  • To review initial plans on how to use evaluation results and act on lessons learned


  • To explore changes that an organisation can adopt from evaluation experiences and
  • To develop a communication strategy to share evaluation results

Step 7: Incorporating Learning into Work

Phase 2: Gathering Information Using Gender and ICT Indicators


  • To design and carry out an information gathering strategy that takes account of gender considerations using a variety of methodologies
  • To understand and report on the gender and ICT findings of the evaluation


  • To identify the means to monitor and collect information about gender equality issues based on intended use and evaluation question/s